myREX24 V2 ROUTER – remote maintenance

myREX24 V2 ROUTER – remote maintenance

REX – maintenance, monitoring, alarm, remote access

▪ REX – industrial ethernet routers allow machine builders to flexibly and securely access their customer’s system network directly.
▪ In this way, head office technicians can still connect to machines for maintenance on all machines deployed worldwide.

Remote monitoring and maintenance solution for many fields such as:

▪ Machine building

▪ Energy and environment

▪ Water supply and drainage

Some features of the REX 100/200/250 ethernet router:

▪ OpenVPN secures remote access through myREX24 V2 port.
▪ Remote maintenance for PROFIBUS (RS232 / RS485) devices and Ethernet compatible devices (REX 250).
▪ Available with WAN, 3G, LTE or WiFi.
▪ Firewall integration.

myREX24 V2 ROUTER – Video clip

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