Web scada

We can choose netSCADAWebMI and atvise SCADA for your scada applicaitons to access via webrowser such as: IE, Firefox, Opera, Chrome…

1. netSCADA WebMI is a web server is built-in in the device, software WebMI (multi-user license for free) to design graphic and then download to netSCADA webMI device.

PC, laptop or smartphone can connect to scada webMI via Ethernet to collect data from the other devices connect to netSCADA webMI via  modbus RTU, modbus TCP, Profinet (S7-1200/1500, S7-300/400), Profibus/MPI (S7-300/400).

We can remote control or monitoring via VPN using router 3G/4G if WAN is not available.

2. atvise SCADA is a SCADA software, the visualization in pure web technology moves the webbrowser – without being limited by ad-ons or plug-ins such as ActiveX, Java or Silverlight – into the world of automation.

Independently atvise® scada supports all typical SCADA functions like alarming, historization, trending, user management, multi language, etc.

4.000 High-Quality Bitmaps & Vector Graphics

atvise® elements is a large catalogue of graphics from nearly every industrial sector in SVG format. Simply drag&drop graphics into your display and save precious time when engineering your visualization.


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