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– No programming effort or expenses
– Plug & Play – instant commissioning
– Easy device replacement
– Large variety
– Prioritization of PROFINET telegrams
– Profinet, Ethernet, Ethernet/IP
– UL approved
– “Made in Germany!”
– IP20 (RJ45-Connection): 4, 6, 8, 16 Ports


– Available in 1-phase and 3-phase filters.
– Over-voltage protection, with monitoring indicator.
– Can be installed on DIN-rail or fastened by screws.
– Easy installation.

– Switching current up to 10 A with a width of only 6.2 mm
– Switching frequency up to 500 kHz
– Shock and vibration resistant
– EMC anti-interference


– Capacity from 20 VA to 63 kVA depending on type.
– Isolation between input & output.
– Easy to install and use.
– Optimization of power supply solutions.
– Asia – Europe distribution system helps to distribute the most convenience to customers.
– Compliant with UL & GL.

– Mico Pro modular.
– Trip immediately when there is an incident, with LED notification display on each channel.
– Modules with fixed or adjustable load current to each predetermined step.
– Operating voltage 12 V DC and 24 VDC.
– Space saving.

Eco-Rail-2 power supply
IN: 90-264VAC
OUT: 24V/1,3ADC




Single-phase transformers
Control and isolation 2000 VA 40 / B T insulation
Other voltages as required.

IN: 24 V DC OUT: 24 V DC / 4 A

Art.-No.: 9000-41012-0400000


Save space
Optimal error detection
Comprehensive error diagnosis function

High switching current up to 6A
High switching frequency up to 500Hz



Minimum power loss
Independent temperature
Perfect closing function

Save space
Optimal error detection
Comprehensive error diagnosis function