Wall IE – Industrial firewall

Wall IE – Industrial firewall

WALL IE is a Bridge and Firewall in industrial ethernet network.This device is used to integrate electrical equipment automatically from different network layers or in the same network layer but can Restricts access to the underlying device through a “rule-of-permission” setting on Wall IE, helping to create an optimal production network.

Features of WALL IE:
– Bridge mode
– NAT / NATP mode
– MAC filter

Bridge mode:
With this function, Wall IE allows filtering the packets from sender to receiver (devices, machines in factory network) according to pre-defined conditions in Wall IE, then our network is as isolated into 2 Private zone without using different IP addresses.

Thanks to NAT feature (including 1:1 NAT – called basic NAT, and NAT port), Wall IE allows devices in different network layers to communicate with each other through IP, Port switching mechanism.

Wall IE video clip


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