Wireless I/O solution

Wireless I/O communication – fast, easy and reliable

Phoenix Contact wireless I/O system is the ideal solution for wireless analog or digital I/O transmission, is the right choice for your I/O communication in automation control.
– Reduces installation and maintenance costs by eliminating long distance signal cables.
– Swap components easily without changing hardware connection thanks to wireless I/O connectivity.
– No communication costs.
– Start-up is easy and fast.

Radioline is the wireless system for large systems
– Assignment of the respective input and output is extremely easy, done via the dial without programming.
– High reliability thanks to Trusted Wireless 2.0 technology.
– Supporting bands: 868 MHz, 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz.
– Communication range up to 32 km, with adjustable data rate.
Flexible network configuration
– Radioline supports both point-to-point connections and network-style connections up to 250 nodes.
– Expansion to up to 32 I/O modules is possible, thanks to the DIN-rail mounting connector, and “hot” swappable.

Wireless I/O solution

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