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TB20 – Distributed I/O system
– Three-component module design
– Ideal handling, achieved with a compact design
– Clear, unique labels. Hot-Swap capability

The energy meter function module can be used to measure all important current and voltage measurement values on 230 V AC networks.

– Accuracy: 30 ppm (5 % of indicated value)
– Response characteristics: Within 1 minute (at 1.5 m/s wind velocity)
– Sensor can be inserted up to the desired length using the adjustable flange (sold separately).

Humidity Detector – Wall surface mounting type

2ch controller
– Space saving
– Energy saving
– I/O for each channel is individually selectable
– Input sampling period selectable

Art.No: 7000-44851-7940060
Flange female straight – male straight
M12 – RJ45, 4-pole, D-coded
Transmission up to 100 m


JCL-33A (48mmx24mm) Digital indicating controllers

– Converter function
– Multi-input
– Serial communication (Shinko protocol and Modbus protocol)

Temperature Controllers 72 x 72 mm
Multi-input: thermocouple, RTD, DC current/ voltage

Input: Thermocouple, Pt100, current (0-20mA, 4-20mA), voltage (0-1VDC), option
Ouput: Relay, SSR, 4-20mA
The sampling period is 125ms

Art.No.: 7000-41121-0000000
Male straight – females straight
M12 – M12, 5-pole


Versatile, reliable and consistently awesome

I/O module for S7-300:

Digital input/ digital output
Analog input/ analog output
Accessories: connector, memory card…