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DB Distribution Box – split 360°:
● Fast and easy assembly
● Easy distribution of cables in a 360° angle
● Suitable for metric cut-outs M32 – M75
● High stability, vibration resistant
● IP54

– KBH holder for hook-and-loop tapes
– KLKB | KLB hook-and-loop cable ties

==> New hook-and-loop tape fasteners

IMAS-CONNECT™ by icotek is a modular designed grommet system for mounting circular connectors, Keystone jacks, PushPull connectors, hose fittings, pressure compensation elements and much more.

– Waterproof and dustproof (IP66 / IP68)
– Prevent fire from entering
– New type of separator brush plate – split brush plate
– Type 90 ° gland cable supports EMC interference
– Large Grommet KEL-ULTRA flex

– Multi-range.
– For Food and Pharmaceutical industries.
– FDA-compliant.

Split cable entry frame for routeing and sealing pre-terminated cables, for cable diameters from 2 to 16 mm (KT 2 – 15) and 16 to 34 mm (KT 16 – 34).
Due to an injected sealing the KEL-ER ATEX range provides protection class IP65. The new cable entry system is easy to install.

The flange enclosure KEL-FG enables the introduction, sealing and strain relief of cables with connectors and hoses at a 90 ° angle to the wall
It is now also available in new sizes.

-The compact, lightweight hand hydraulic punch driver makes it easy to punch holes into stainless V2A steel, mild steel
– Sheet thickness of 3 mm (V2A: 2 mm)

Rectangular and square punches and dies make it easy to punch holes into stainless steel (V2A versions), mild steel, aluminium or plastics with a max.
Sheet thickness of 3 mm (V2A: max. 2 mm). Available for cut-outs sizes of 10-, 16-, and 24- multi-pin heavy industrial connectors and also for numerous special cut-outs.



Self-centering knockout punches for stainless steel (V2A versions), mild steel, aluminium and plastic walls with max.
Sheet thickness of 3 mm (V2A: max. 2 mm). Punches available for cut-outs PG 16, M16, M20, M25, M32, M40, M50 and M63.




The patented cable entry system KEL ATEX enables the user to enter and seal (IP54) pre-terminated and standard cables.
The split grommet matching the cable diameter is placed around the cable and inserted into the cable entry frame.




The KEL-FL range enables simple, fast and flexible cable routing and sealing of flat wires, e.g. in lift construction.
Split or non-split inserts can be utilised. Innovative construction of the inserts compensates for manufacturing inconsistencies in flat cables.