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Split cable entry frame for routeing and sealing pre-terminated cables, for cable diameters from 2 to 16 mm (KT 2 – 15) and 16 to 34 mm (KT 16 – 34).
Due to an injected sealing the KEL-ER ATEX range provides protection class IP65. The new cable entry system is easy to install.

The patented cable entry system KEL ATEX enables the user to enter and seal (IP54) pre-terminated and standard cables.
The split grommet matching the cable diameter is placed around the cable and inserted into the cable entry frame.




The KEL-FL range enables simple, fast and flexible cable routing and sealing of flat wires, e.g. in lift construction.
Split or non-split inserts can be utilised. Innovative construction of the inserts compensates for manufacturing inconsistencies in flat cables.