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Shinko temperature probe products are diverse, can be designed to meet customer requirements in terms of environment, working temperature range, mechanical impact…
Full range of types:
– Thermocouple.
– RTD.

– Accuracy: 30 ppm (5 % of indicated value)
– Response characteristics: Within 1 minute (at 1.5 m/s wind velocity)
– Sensor can be inserted up to the desired length using the adjustable flange (sold separately).

Humidity Detector – Wall surface mounting type

Fast response time: 30 ms
Compact, rugged sensor head
Temperature range: 0 to 500 degrees Celsius

Temperature factor: RTD Pt100
Humidity: The type of impedance change by thin polymer sheet.
Type of connector easy to use & replace CO2 sensors





– Drip-proof/ Dust-proof IP66
– Small, Cost-effective, Easily mounted
– Order code: LV-300 (85, 100, 150, 200, 250 mm)