Crate weighing system at brewery factory

In the production process, the process weigh the beer’s keg for selling market, is very extremely important stage. Near here, we have just installed the control panel for measuring the weight of beer’s keg dynamically and continuously, nearly 120 keg/min…

This system was used some automatic devices (such as: PLC Siemens, HMI siemens, Inverter Danfoss), primarily based on available technology at the brewery factory, is called “Crate Weigher”. Described as follows:
Output product are some kinds of products: 330ml, 640ml, which is set up HMI by operator.
System’s task:
Check full bottle of beer in the keg.
Check the weight of each keg proper standard initial
Any beer’s keg has any error, will be taken out of production line. If the sensor detect unsafe, the beer’s keg must be
either pushed out of production line during 1 second or stopped the production system.

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