Shield clamp LFC/MSKL, LFC/SKL

Product LFC / MSKL and LFC / SKL from icotek now offers a cheap and space-saving solution.

These clamps are mounted on a C-shaped profile rail (C-rail) with an opening dimension of 16 – 17 mm. Shielded cables are often mounted on a busbar or DIN rail above the C-rail. Here again, the EMC shield clamp is attached. Unnecessary additional costs arise and valuable space is lost!

Here, the EMC solution is combined with the strap clamp used by the customer. The LFC foot is mounted on the C-rail and the cable shield is exposed. The clamp is guided over the cable and mounted on the C-rail. The strain relief is carried out via the cable sheath so that the cable shield is not damaged. The EMC connection is separate.

The LFC / MSKL and LFC / SKL can be combined with clamps of all makes for C-rails (16 – 17 mm). The width is so small that even clamps with the smallest clamping range (from 5 to 6 mm) can be used. Where the clamp is equipped with plastic tubs, the channel, which should be snapped onto the C-rail, is simply discarded.

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