Realtime gateway netTAP NT151

Realtime gateway netTAP NT151

NT151 – Data converter for real-time ethernet network
– Bridging between any two Real-Time Ethernet networks
– Flexible choice of operating modes Slave/Master or Slave/Slave
– Effortless integration as standard IO device
– Secure network segregation via internal data buffer
– Fast conversion time less than 10 milliseconds

The gateway netTAP 151 transmits IO data bidirectionally between any two industrial Real-Time Ethernet networks. It is the ideal solution for installations with heterogenous networks or such of the same kind to exchange data across given network boundaries. With more than 25 different combinations of the protocols PROFINET, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, POWERLINK and Sercos, the device series provides a solution for any conversion.

Conversion selection table

– Secure network separation is provided by two Ethernet controllers, each connected to a Dual Ethernet port with integrated switch. That allows realizing star, ring and inline network topologies without further peripherals.
– All devices are commissioned and diagnosed network independent over USB.

Mapping data by drag-drop manipulation on PC free software

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