netIOT Edge Gateway

netIOT Edge – Edge gateways for Industrial Automation Networks

netIOT is a technology and service offer with the aim of exchanging data of components of an automation system with a cloud or IoT directed applications.
It opens the door for centrally managed enterprise communications down to the field level.

netIOT Edge provides the central network access via gateways and is responsible for data mining, preprocessing and negotiation.

♦ Effortless integration into the automation network as standard fi eld device
♦ Rapid modeling of the data fl ow between field and application with IoT editor Node-RED
♦ Direct OPC UA / MQTT communications to IoT capable fi eld devices in parallel to the PLC
♦ Trusted platforms due to secured boot
♦ With container environment Docker for own software


Maximum Security
• Physical separation of OT automation and IT Cloud network avoids mutual attacks
• Start of signed software only protects against manipulation and secures device integrity
• Data encryption according the latest state of technology
against electronic eavesdropping and data theft
Seamless Integration
• Compatible with existing installations for simple upgrade
• Seemless integration with standardized device description files
• No programming skill necessary, simple configuration of the IO size is enough

Pre-Installed Software Packages
• For data acquisition from the shop floor
PLC access
OT network and fieldbus access
OPC UA technology support
• For data processing engineering with Node-RED and Edge
• Analytics with Informix for Cloud/IT applications
OPC UA and MQTT technology support
Docker technology on board
IP Routing and Network Address Translation
Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Management
Direct IoT communication
• For devices with OPC UA and MQTT protocol support
• In parallel to the PLC over a direct communication channel
• With data semantics for easy abstraction in the Cloud

netIOT Edge Gateways information

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