These ultrasonic sensors evaluate the sound reflected by the object. They detect almost every object and are suited especially for the filling level monitoring of fluids or bulk material or the detection of transparent objects. The sensor detects objects independent from their material, aggregate state, color or transparency. Convenient programming and quick diagnosis is possible via the IO-Link interface.

High-performance distance sensors impress with their high accuracy at both short and long distances. The sensors are adjusted externally or via the IO-Link interface using Teach-In and an OLED display. - Digital and analog output- Menu-driven settings- Synchronous and multiplex…
Ultrasonic reflex sensors with analog output can be adjusted using Teach-In, or externally via the IO-Link interface. Sensors of the type M30×1.5 also feature a four digit 7-segment display. Digital and analog output Stainless steel housing Synchronous and multiplex mode…






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