Wenglor sensoric is your competent partner for photoelectronic sensors. Our diverse range of innovative products provide solutions for complex automation applications. Our photoelectronic sensors can detect or count objects without contact, measure distances with high accuracy and identify colors, brightness or luminescence.
Various mounting systems allow for easy, flexible installation. Fiber optic cables that can be connected to sensors allow them to be used under extreme conditions or in tight spaces.

In contrast detection sensors, a brightness level is set as the threshold and is compared to the brightness of the scanned material surface.Application examples:- Contract marking detection.- Detection of extremely small parts and markings at high speeds.- Wire detection. Contrast…
High-Performance Distance Sensor in the small 1K-housing 32x16x12 mm
Thanks to wenglor's specially developed design, sensors for roller conveyor systems are mounted between the supporting rollers of a roller conveyor.   Energy savings thanks to EcoMode Optimized performance Quick wiring Scaled switching distance adjuster Time-saving installation with fast-clip mounting…
The wenglor Temperature Sensor OptoTemp for contactless measurement detects infrared radiation emanating from an object, on the basis of which it determines its temperature. Measurement is quick, contactless and nonreactive. The object itself is not influenced in any way. Analog…






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