Wenglor inductive sensors are suitable for a wide variety of applications thanks to the variety of designs, housing materials and operating principles in the range. They are characterized by their high switching distances. This allows various standard applications to be covered by just one design.

Thanks to the lack of moving parts, these sensors are maintenance-free, wear-free, waterproof and resistant to dirt and shocks. They are short-circuit proof and can also be installed in any position. The service life of the sensors is not dependent on the switching frequency or number of measurement cycles.

Inductive Sensors with standard switching distances are distinguished by rugged design, easy installation and reliable measured values
Large temperature range from -60 to 450° C Long service life of up to 100 000 hours Quickly interchangeable sensor head Inductive Data Switching Distance 25 mm Correction Factors V2A/CuZn/Al 1,27/1,29/1,33 Mounting non-flush Mounting A/B/C/D in mm 95/200/40/85 Switching Hysteresis <…
Inductive sensors with analog output detect metal objects within their working range and output the distance as a proportional voltage signal from 0 to 10V.   Inductive Data Working Range 3...13 mm Measuring Distance 8 mm Measuring Range 10 mm…
Inductive Sensors with IO-Link permit uninterrupted data communication from the controller all the way down to the field level. Diagnostic information for preventive maintenance measures can thus be queried continuously from the sensor’s error output and increases system availability.   Easy…






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