Wenglor’s fluid sensor technology portfolio includes flow, pressure and temperature sensors. UniFlow Flow Sensors ascertain the speed at which media flow within closed systems and measure temperature as well. UniBar Pressure Sensors measure the relative pressure of any desired media in closed systems. UniTemp Temperature Sensors measure the temperature of liquid and gaseous media, and permit reliable temperature monitoring within processes.

UniTemp temperature sensors measure the temperature of liquid or gaseous media and facilitate the temperature monitoring of processes.The measurement tip of the wenglor temperature sensors contains a sensor which detects temperature changes and converts them into an electric signal. Highly…
The UniFlow flow sensors impress with their unique, patented measurement method, which is independent from the flow direction. Alignment of the sensor with the flow direction is not necessary during installation as both the heating and temperature sensors are located…
UniBar pressure sensors measure the relative pressure in closed systems of any medium in the range of -1 to 600 bar.  The pressure applied to a pressure sensor is converted into an electronic signal and transmitted to a microprocessor for…






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