wenglor 1D/2D and barcode scanners use different types of light to read each code. The light is reflected from the code elements onto a picture element in varying degrees and the image of the code that this produces is evaluated electronically using a decoder. The scanner can be adjusted by pressing on the Auto button function, or externally via the interface.

- Autofocus- For dynamic applications- Increase of scan rate up to 100 scans/s- Teach-in These 2D code scanners are suitable for omnidirectional scanning of 1D and 2D codes. The following code types can be processed: 1D codes: Code39, Code128, UPC/EAN, IBM…
- Decoding of DPM codes (e.g. needle-punched, etched or embossed codes)- Direct feedback after decoding (vibration, visual/acoustic signal)- Quick alignment and capture of 1D/2D codes- Resistant to cleaning agents These wenglor handheld scanners are suitable for mobile use with printed,…
Ethernet- Compact housing- Ethernet TCP/IP- LED display indicates "good read"- Red light- Web server and graphic display for simple operation This barcode scanner is suitable for reading 1D codes, which are printed or lasered on glossy materials. Even with slight…






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