Controllers & Indicators

Program capacity with 10-patterns, 10-steps
ON/OFF SERVO Digital Indicating ControllersACD-15AACR-15A   - Clear, large LCD display-Enhanced visibility !Extra large LCD displayACD-13AACD-15A PV display: 24.0 x 11.0mm (HxW)SV/MV/TIME display: 14.0 x 7.0mm (HxW)ACR-13AACR-15A PV display: 14.0 x 5.4mm (HxW)SV/MV/TIME display: 10.0 x 4.6mm (HxW) - PV…
DCL-33A series, DIN Rail Mounted Indicating Controllers Compact 22.5mm(W) x 75mm(H) x 100mm(D)Controller can be easily installed on a DIN rail insidethe control panel. Multi-input, High sampling speedTotal 18 types of input and 0.25 sec of high sampling speed allow…
* New standard controllers!- BCx2 series, Shinko's digital indicating controllers are succession models of the JC series, with remarkable enhancement in operation, control performance, function, visibility, and compactness, etc.   * Simplified converter function!- For DC current output type, the…
  Multi-inputThermocouple (10 types), RTD (2 types)DC current (2 types) and DC voltage (4 types)Standard Transmission output, 3-point alarm outputConverting the input value to analog signal every 0.25seconds, outputs the value in DC current 4 to 20mA DC.3-point alarm output…
- User defined combinationController + Timer, Dual controllerController + Timer Controller + Controller - PV difference input, Delay timer spec available - Saves mounting space - Multiple CH2 functionsCH2 function is selectable by front keypad as follows. - Input/Output type…
Digital Indicating ControllerACS-13A - Compact, Space saving48 x 48 x 62mm (W x H x D)With panel interiors of 56mm, space is saved in the control panel area.When a gasket (Drip-proof/Dust-proof, IP66) is used, the depth will be 54.5mm. -…






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