For easy assembly of icotek cable entry devices and EMC products as well as for your cable management needs please try icotek enclosure accessories.

FP - We supply complete flanged plates FP with 112 × 36 mm cut-outs for compact enclosures of the Rittal AE series. - The cut-outs, as well as the drilling template, conform to the standard cut-outs for 24-pole industrial connectors.-…
KDR-BMP - The cabinet base plates KDR-BMP for Rittal enclosures TS8 can be used instead of the 3-piece standard base plates.- The base plates are as well installed with standard Rittal clips. - On KDR-BMP base plates, our MP Module…
KDR-ESR - The KDR-ESR is a one-piece plate to be assembled on cabinet bases. Slide frames for the KEL cable entry frames are already pre-assembled.- After fitting all cables into the KEL frames, they are easily and quickly inserted into…






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