By using split cable glands by icotek pre-terminated cables or complete cable harnesses with diameters from 2 to 35 mm can be quickly routed into enclosures, cabinets or machines.

KVT 80- The KVT 80 split cable glands are designed for routeing and sealing pre-terminated cables. - By connecting the two half shells via attached screws, the grommets provide sufficient pressure on the routed cables to obtain a high degree…
KVT-W90 grey, Split cable glands 90°- The split KVT-W90 cable glands are used to insert and seal pre-terminated cables and conduits at a 90° angle.- In particular, the KVT 50-W90 is perfectly suited to hold corrugated or smooth conduits. -…
- KVT is a circular split cable gland for quick and easy installation and sealing (IP54) of cables or complete cable harnesses.- The split grommet matching the cable diameter is placed around the cable and inserted into the cable entry…






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