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Managed PROFINET Switch, 4-port - With the 4-port-managed PROFINET switch, PROFINET participants can be connected saving time and costs.With a GSDML file, you integrate the 4-port switch into your automation environment as usual. The compact and industry-compatible design for DIN…
PN/CAN-Gateway, PROFINET/CANopen® The PN/CAN gateway connects CANopen® devices in a PROFINET network. At the same time, it is a full-fledged CANopen® master. As the master, it supports gateway network management, SYNC telegrams, and node guarding / heartbeat for monitoring the participants.On…
The Helmholz PROFINET connectors with it‘s quick-connect technology EasyConnect® bonds PROFINET components, e.g. a PROFINET station to a PROFINET cable with a length of up to 100m.The connectors that are availabe with axial or angled cable outlet are easy to…






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